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Wanaka Trail Ride 2019

March 30th, 2019
Like many events in the area, the Wanaka Trail Ride would not be possible without the support of volunteers like you. Each year over 100 roles are filled by an amazing team of dedicated volunteers who enable the ride to run smoothly and safely for everyone taking part. Some roles require technical riding skills and others require no knowledge of trail rides whatsoever!

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Like many events in the area, the Wanaka Trail Ride would not be possible without the support of many volunteers like you. In addition to putting on a fantastic event and raising money, we strive to ensure all volunteers feel valued and respected and that it has been worthwhile giving up your valuable time. We want you to not only enjoy yourself - but for you to recognise how you are contributing towards the successful running of this event.

We have certain standards outlines below that we will work towards, to make your experience a positive one. Please take a few moments to read the following Volunteer Agreement:

Wanaka Trail Ride will strive to:
- Treat all volunteers equally and with respect
- Provide a clear role description and contact person
- Provide necessary induction or training to enable you to fulfil your role
- Have a safe working environment
- Acknowledge and provide recognition to all volunteers
- Enable you to withdraw or say no without guilt

Wanaka Trail Ride asks that you:
- Are reliable and advise us of any change of availability
- Seek support if you're feeling out of your depth or struggling with the commitment required
- Strive to maintain and enhance the organisations reputation within the community
- Respect the operational guidelines of the event organisers
- Participate in any induction or training required for your role
- Report accidents or concerns for anyone involved in the organisation immediately

We encourage you to contact the Volunteer Managers if you have any concerns or issues whatsoever and hope you will have an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Thank you for giving up your valuable time and energy. We look forward to working with you to benefit many of Wanaka's local children.